Coaching Session 30 minute consultation to discover what's possible for you and your art career, and learn about Mariah's coaching services.

Ten Session Coaching  Be coached through creating a unique artistic and business practice, with customized actionable methodology that will introduce a refined and enhanced value proposition. 

Ten (10) sessions of high level creative coaching once a week over FaceTime/Skype or in person.


Consulting Build your dream art collection. Whether you're a seasoned collector or haven't owned more than a poster, create an environment you’ll love to come home to while investing in living artists work.


Curation Mariah creates lasting and memorable experiences for clients and event goers, while creating opportunities for artists to be seen, known, and paid for their work. Whether it's an art auction, charitable event, art show/fair, or pop-up event, Mariah's seamless organizational skills, high level of integrity, and love for people, will be an experience to remember.


Commission a custom Mariah Kitner original artwork

Mariah Kitner 2020

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