Mariah is a multi-faceted artist, curator, and coach based in New York City. As an artist, she specializes in paintings, digital paintings, and digital collages.

It's always been about the process for Mariah. "I love losing myself, that's when I'm able to discover something new, something I didn't know was possible." A motto she carries through life and her art practice. Painting doesn't come from a place of knowing, but rather a discovery. 

Her ability to trust the process rewards the viewers with organic movement, harmonic colors, playfulness with light, rich texture, and dynamic composition that could only be accomplished through years of technical training and then by letting go.

One of Mariah's most notable projects, was her digital portfolio that became the blog, If Paintings Could Text. Her blog, deconstructed content (the images, the text) within the context of the internet (Tumblr versus a museum) by superimposing hilarious text messages on classic works of art. The blog quickly gained buzz, being featured in HuffPost, Elite Daily, BuzzFeed, NYLON, and RYOT, and attracting more than 150,000 Tumblr followers. In addition, it was recognized as one of the “Top Trending Blogs of 2014” by Tumblr and was nominated for a Shorty Award for Best Tumblr Blog of 2014.


In 2018, Mariah was recognized as one of Pace Magazine's 30 Under 30, for her accomplishments in the arts.

As letting go and discovery is a big part of Mariah's artistic practice, the yin if you will, on the other side is her seamless organization skills, years as an art consultant, and business mindset, the complementary yang. To find out more on how Mariah can curate your next show or event, consult you on your next art purchase, or coach you as an artist to find your voice and go all out in sharing it please visit her Services page.



"Mariah was tasked with designing backdrops for my touring children's theatre company and, not only did she deliver, the quality and professionalism of her artwork has elevated the value of my shows. Her vibrant work has toured the country always leading to post-show comments about how gorgeous the set looks. I've since worked with her again and plan on commissioning work from Ms. Kitner for many productions to come!"

— Brett Crandall

Founder, Brett Crandall Studios


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